“The very first time I met Martine, she was warm and professional. I was in shock with the pregnancy and had a lot going on personally. With no family in Australia for support, I needed help and guidance.”

– A.Client

The uncharted waters can leave any mother feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed and rob them of the here and now.

Hi and welcome, beautiful Mumma!

If you are here, you are exploring the option of a special kind of support – the mothering the mother kind. The intuitive, non-judgemental, reassuring kind. Stop for a moment and congratulate yourself, wholeheartedly, for identifying your need and/or desire for additional support. You are honouring yourself and reaching out. It is not always easy asking for help and even when you do, sometimes it’s hard to even know exactly what kind of help you need. You are here and that is HUGE.

The journey into and through motherhood is as unique as our fingerprints and transformational, to say the very least – an adjustment of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

There are endless love-filled moments along the way…and just as many challenges- even if you are not doing this for the first time. Advice often comes from every direction and is frequently conflicting and filling your head with noise. It is easy to lose your own voice and your own instinct in the middle of all of that…

I am here to help you quieten and organise the noise, to truly connect with the very best version of yourself and embrace the mother you are. I will help you celebrate motherhood, with all its ups and downs, providing reassurance and support. The magnitude of this transition in your life cannot be underestimated. I will help you capture and embrace the joy and everyday miracle of motherhood.

I’m all about banishing the ‘shoulds’ (Should feel…should do… should know…) and embracing what IS, as you figure out how to do motherhood YOUR way. I am about feeling, naming, owning, sharing and honouring all that comes with being a mother.