How is a postpartum doula different from a nanny?2020-05-15T04:51:24+10:00

A nanny cares only for your children. 

A doula:

  •  cares for the mother and baby. 
  • supports the family while they adjust to a new life together, following birth up to 12 months postpartum. 
  • is knowledgeable about a mother’s special needs during the postpartum period.
  • facilitates a smooth emotional and physical transition to motherhood.
What kind of training does a postpartum doula have?2020-05-15T04:51:17+10:00

I am a Mum, a qualified birth and post-partum doula. I have:

  • a certification in Early Childhood Development, equivalent to a CERT 3. 
  • completed the Hypnobirthing Supportive Caregiver training.
  • cared for many new mums in an unofficial capacity, prior to obtaining my doula qualification.
  • nannied for 7 years, prior to immigrating to Australia in 2007 


Beyond any official training, I have these qualities in spades: patience, warmth, kindness and empathy.

What is your philosophy about parenting and supporting women and their families during postpartum?2020-05-15T04:52:32+10:00

It’s simple: Do what works for you, your baby and your family. My role is to support and empower the parent(s) to make decisions regarding the birth and care for their infant(s), based on their own value system.

Do doulas teach a particular parenting approach?2020-05-15T04:55:05+10:00

No, my role is to support the parenting approach of my clients. I encourage parents to develop their own philosophies based on their values.

Is there a ‘best time’ to use a postpartum doula?2020-05-15T05:01:49+10:00

The level of care required is different for every family. I customise a care plan for each family’s particular needs. Sometimes just one or two visits is needed, other times families want ongoing doula support for weeks or even months. Sometimes intermittent support is required.

See package options on my Products/Services page. This will give you an idea of what is available.

When does a postpartum doula start working for me and for how long?2020-05-15T05:03:14+10:00

I begin care once you are ready to have me come to your home. That may be within days after the birth or after a couple of weeks when the inevitable lack of sleep accumulates or when your partner goes back to work. Sometimes intermittent help is required. You will know when you need that next level of care and support. As for how long? I work with your family for anywhere from a week to 12 months but it is best summed up in this quote from Nanny McPhee: “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go” 

Is there a minimum number of hours a postpartum doula will work?2020-05-15T05:04:44+10:00

I work for a minimum of 3 hours on the days you need me. I have found through experience that less time doesn’t really allow for me to do much at all.

Do postpartum doulas work evenings or weekends?2020-05-15T05:06:47+10:00

With notice I can accommodate most scheduling requests.

What hours can I expect a postpartum doula to work with my family?2020-05-15T05:07:57+10:00

This will depend on the care package you have chosen.

What is a postpartum doula’s goal?2020-06-02T00:54:25+10:00

My goal is to support and nurture parents into their new roles as they adjust to a new life and experience success. As their knowledge and self-confidence grow, their needs for professional support will diminish. 

How does a postpartum doula nurture parents into their roles?2020-06-02T00:56:46+10:00

Self-confidence has a tremendous impact on a person’s ability to approach any task, and parenting is no different. I consider parents’ feelings and build confidence whenever possible. This is achieved through encouragement, and a non-judgmental approach. I share strategies and skills that will improve their ability to bond with their baby/ babies.

Do postpartum doulas help mothers deal with postpartum depression?2020-05-15T05:11:31+10:00

I do not diagnose or treat postpartum anxiety and/or depression. I support mothers in finding appropriate, specialised, professional care. I meet the mother exactly where and how she is – physically, emotionally and mentally. 

By mothering the mother, I ensure that the mother feels supported, nurtured and cared for.

How do postpartum doulas work with a mother’s partner?2020-05-15T05:14:06+10:00

My role here is to enhance the family dynamic, not to replace the role of the partner. I honour and respect the partner’s role and contribution to the family unit. I model skills that will help the partner nurture the baby and mother. I share evidence-based information with the partner that shows how his or her role in the early weeks will have the most positive effect on the family.

May we call you with postpartum questions or concerns before the birth?2020-05-15T05:15:32+10:00

Absolutely.  Please call, text or email with your questions. This will help us get to know each other better and allow you to build a trusting relationship with me. Any non-emergency questions will be answered within 24 hours.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
– Elizabeth Stone